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To place an order, get quotes on larger quantities or ask questions, please email us at

**Important Notice** CGI cannot ship FRESH chestnuts to the following states: California, Oregon or Washington.

Our fresh in-shell chestnuts are refrigerated immediately upon harvest. They are not left to dry out and mold under the tree or stacked in harvesting crates outside.

Our attention to detail assures the highest possible quality of our chestnuts. Our competitors’ chestnuts have to be shipped great distances, usually without refrigeration, which allow them to dry out and mold.

The growing conditions in the Midwest are ideal for the sweetest possible chestnut and we strive to have the shortest time possible from our growers’ orchards to our customers’ tables.

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Please fill out the form below if you would like to be contacted when our 2023 Fall chestnut harvest is ready! We will contact you towards the end of October for our exclusive **PRE-SALE** event!