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Fresh Michigan Chestnuts

No genetically modified chestnut trees were used in the production of our chestnuts; always natural.

Michigan-Grown Chestnuts are the Sweetest Tasting chestnuts and remain a flavorful Gluten-Free food that is a treat for everyone.

People with wheat allergies, such as Celiac Disease, may benefit from this tasteful addition to their diet, while Vegetarians and Vegans alike will enjoy the unique recipes that can be made from this sunshine-created food.

Chestnuts contain proteins and have the lowest fat content of any edible nut. Chestnuts are full of vitamins, B-complexes including folates, and many minerals. Chestnuts have always been and will always remain an excellent food.

Those looking for an all-natural product with no preservatives will find chestnut to be an excellent food.

They are a good source of fiber and the few fats they have are known to be a rich source of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which help lower total LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol).

Chestnuts are relatively low in calories when compared to other natural seeds and nuts. Browse our product line to learn more about our Michigan-grown chestnuts.

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Chestnut Growers, Inc.

Chestnut Growers, Inc.

Chestnut Growers, Inc. offers fresh Michigan chestnuts In October each year, through online sales, <>, until they're gone.

The female "Ambrosia beetles" (about the size of a grain of rice) will bore through the young tree bark, leaving what looks like a 'straws,' on the outside of the tree trunk (look for tiny black holes in the tree trunk - that's where the straws were last year. They keep burrowing through the tree's phloem and straight into the xylem, where they tunnel to create galleries where they lay eggs. As they tunnel, they release fungal spores. The fungus then colonizes and digests wood, resulting in the death of young trees. The photo here of the clear vodka trap is from last year, which, if timed right, you can catch the females before they start flying around, looking for trees in stress. The brown liquid vodka photo is from this year. There were about 10 small beetles yesterday morning, and by the afternoon, there were about ~ 40. Growers of chestnuts are encouraged to paint the tree trunks with a pesticide now - before the females start flying. ... See MoreSee Less
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May 7th and here's a Colossal Chestnut, McDonald hazelnut and a Pawpaw tree. Chestnuts are a little slower in coming out. ... See MoreSee Less
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Today May 3, 2022, and chestnut trees have given us enough time to do some orchard jobs BEFORE we need to tend to them. Things like taking down native grasses, cleaning up under walnut and heartnut trees, pruning apple trees, and getting fertilizer down BEFORE the rains come. ... See MoreSee Less
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Here's an example of a mismatched rootstock and tree. Rootstock is probably a Chinese type, and the top part of the chestnut tree is a European type. Since the top will continue to grow wider in diameter over the years than the rootstock, this tree may be in danger of becoming top-heavy and tipping over in the future. It's important to purchase your trees from a reputable source. I'm unsure of this source. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Chestnut Growers, Inc.
As the chestnuts still sleep (sorta) the hazelnut pollen has been flying by their purple little flowers for days now. ... See MoreSee Less
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 Chefs from fine restaurants across Michigan have developed a collection of sweet and savory dishes starring chestnuts and chestnut products. Our site includes recipes for spiced chestnuts, chestnut soups, chestnut risotto, and chestnuts with venison, walleye, lamb, and pheasant, to name just a few.

Edible Vs Non-Edible

Do you know the difference?

 CGI’s Edible Chestnuts on the left are nutritious, delicious to eat and grown on local farms in Michigan. These chestnuts are not to be confused with the Non-Edible Horse Chestnuts, on the right.
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Did you know?

Michigan grown chestnuts are energy packed, gluten free and, surprise, it's really a fruit!
They need to be REFRIGERATED from the moment of harvest until you use them, as they're mostly water and carbohydrate. Read Storage Instructions
The chestnuts provide you with many vitamins, fiber, and a plethora of other good nutrients and minerals. They're basically a complete nutritious food that's low in cholesterol. Nutritional information for fresh chestnuts
You must score the shell before cooking. Read Cooking Instructions
Michigan grown chestnuts are a true sweet energy food! Use them with any meal prep, be it in appetizers, hummus, soups, breading, vegetables, stuffing, desserts, beer brewing and more. Get Chestnut Recipes

 Enjoy, Michigan chestnuts, grown on carbon-sequestering trees!